The data software for your S7 machines and plants | DataSuite 3

NEW DataSuite 3

The data center for your machines and plants

DataSuite 3 is your software for capturing and processing machine and plant data.

NEW DataSuite 3

Get the most out of your machine data

Are you a machine builder, plant engineer or from the manufacturing industry?

With DataSuite you can add valuable and useful data functions to your machines and plants:

Professional and economical

With DataSuite 3, you have a fast and reliable solution that works.

It is better to invest in quality once instead of programming yourself for days and then having a software that may not work 100%.

Standardized and individual

DataSuite 3 supports a variety of industry standards, e.g. OPC-UA, PDF, SQL, HTML.

With DataSuite, you can use and apply these standards in your own projects. This makes your applications more secure, reliable and future-proof.

Modern and user friendly

The modern user interface is easy to use and is optimised for industrial use.

It has never been easier to create modern and secure data applications.

Well-known companies from Germany and abroad rely on DataSuite 3.

Functions at a glance

All functions of PLCDataSuite version 2, PLCDataReader and DataAlarm software are now included in one software. In addition, further useful functions for your machine data have been developed. Depending on the requirements, different functions are included in the software packages.

DataSuite can do a lot, we'll show you everything.

A member of our team will be happy to show you all the functions and options in a live online session. You can ask questions or just watch.

“The software does exactly what it is supposed to do, setup was very easy and safe to use after a little practice.”

Uwe K.
Deputy plant management – MAV Krefeld GmbH

Our guarantees

We stay tuned and regularly provide free updates for download. We are also happy to incorporate your wishes and suggestions into our development.

DataSuite 2 has already proven itself in tough industrial use. DataSuite 3 takes it to the next level!

You do not need any additional software to use our DataSuite 3, neither WinCC nor Excel. This saves money and you remain independent.

Our software is completely developed in Rhineland-Palatinate, in the beautiful Westerwald, and used worldwide.

You buy the software once and get all updates included. This means that everything is always cost-transparent.

DualCore CPU, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019.

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to call us or write us an email. Our support will help you the next day at the latest.

Whether you contact us for technical support or a commercial concern: We are respectful and fair in our dealings with you.

Get started now with DataSuite 3

Download our free trial and try DataSuite for 30 days without obligation.

Test yourself now

Download our free trial and try DataSuite for 30 days without obligation.

Markus Bläser

Markus Bläser
Managing Director
[MB] Software

"Our developers have worked on DataSuite 3 with heart and ambition. The experience of the last five years with DataSuite 2 has gone into this software."

Markus Bläser

Markus Bläser
Founder & Managing Director
[MB] Software

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