DataSuite 3 change log

Change Log

Version log DataSuite 3 software

Updates? Free of charge with us!

No matter whether you were one of the first DataSuite 3 purchasers or have only recently become aware of DataSuite: With us, updates within the 3.x series are always free of charge. Here is an overview of the latest changes and versions.


  • 3.3.0

    8. May 2023

  • Neuer Verbindungstyp: OPC UA Server.
  • OPC UA: Structures/objects can be freely imported via Node Browser.
  • OPC UA: Error messages extended.
  • New trigger action: FTP upload.
  • Excel assignments are automatically sorted by cell in the trigger.
  • Arrays and Struct Arrays can now also be selected for reading and writing Excel cells.
  • Formatting and calculations can be created for individual variables during reading.
  • CSV encoding (UTF-8, UTF-8 BOM, ASCII) can be set.
  • It is possible to set up authentication for the web server using a user name and password.
  • The web service has been equipped with a new start page, which now offers an overview of all available websites.
  • Bug fix when importing settings from version 2 with non-unique variable names.
  • Bug fixing when processing Excel file with chart sheets.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.8

    27. January 2023

  • New trigger templates are now available.
  • CSV formatting for Boolean and floating point values can be set.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.7

    21. November 2022

  • Action 'File options' simplified for the selection of internal files.
  • Action 'File options' extended to wait for writes that are still in progress.
  • OPC UA extended to load all objects of the server.
  • Bug fixing when writing real variables to the PLC.
  • Bug fixing when using charts in HTML export.
  • Bugfix when importing data blocks with Time_of_Day variables.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.6

    28. September 2022

  • Bugfix when selecting OPC UA structs.
  • Variables can be used for the selection of spreadsheets in Excel files.
  • If you want to write to a worksheet of an Excel file that does not exist, it will be created automatically.
  • If Excel files are created and written in one step without a template, the file is created directly with the data (optimization of ERP exchange).
  • New option to automatically update HTML web pages.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.5

    22. August 2022

  • Compatibility mode for converting Excel files to PDF, HTML and printing.
  • When converting Excel files to PDF, the alignment can be set.
  • When converting Excel files to a PDF, HTML and printing, a spreadsheet of the Excel file can be selected.
  • Bug fixing when using arrays in SQL insert statements.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.4

    27. July 2022

  • For SQL data type TimeStamp the option Default value is available.
  • For Excel files, the file extension is now always set.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.3

    1. July 2022

  • Fixed an bug in the processing of formatted timestamps.

  • 3.2.2

    21. June 2022

  • Web pages opened in the browser are automatically refreshed every 5 seconds to show new values when the web page is recreated.
  • Write Excel file Actions extended: New option to always recreate the Excel file.
  • Read excel file Actions extended: New option to always re-read the Excel file.
  • Excel data set read extended: Selection of the data set via a search.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.1

    29. April 2022

  • New feature: Messages can be sent via Telegram.
  • New feature: Messages can be sent via Threema.
  • E-mails can be sent without authentication.
  • Manual can be displayed directly in the DataSuite.
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.2.0

    9. March 2022

  • New function to change the data block for all PLC variables in a trigger.
  • Performance improvement when importing and reading many PLC variables via OPC UA.
  • Added locking for triggers with individual handshake.
  • Extension of the comparison condition for variable values by !=, >, >=, <, <=
  • Added debouncing and hysteresis for the comparison condition.
  • New trigger condition to react to the change of a variable value.
  • Import of settings extended: Overwrite everything or integrate individual elements.
  • The filter mode for the 'Write data block' action (Excel/Database) can be set (All records, Remove empty, Continuous).
  • Support of Beckhoff controllers via OPC UA extended.
  • Error detection in the configuration of PLC variables improved (invalid/duplicate variable names).
  • Performance improvement for reading and many boolean values for a put/get connection.
  • Bug fix for selecting the Computer Time and Windows User Name variables.
  • Read-only mode for all PLC connections.
  • New Feature: Web Server/Rest API
  • Convert Excel to HTML Action extended: Publish directly to the internal web server.
  • PLC variables can be read and written via the Rest API.
  • Triggers can be started via the Rest API.
  • General improvements and design changes

  • 3.1.4

    17. January 2022

  • Fixed CSV file processing and data type formatting errors.
  • Adjustments to Windows 11.
  • New option when creating an Excel file: Automatically add a number to the file name (free formatting).
  • Extension of the option to append a number in the 'File Options' trigger action (Copy, Move, Rename): The formatting of the number can now be set freely.
  • General improvements and design changes

  • 3.1.3

    17. December 2021

  • Health Check: When the DataSuite is run as a service, the /health endpoint provides a HealthReport
  • Performance optimisations and CPU utilisation reduced

  • 3.1.2

    10. December 2021

  • Renaming tiles directly in the tile
  • New search bar to search for triggers, PLCs, files, etc.
  • New search bar in the dialogue for adding triggers and actions
  • New view bar on the right side for switching (tile/list) and filtering the view
  • Grouping improved
  • Actions in the trigger can be duplicated
  • Excel actions in the trigger can be inverted (read to write and write to read)
  • Excel Actions: If the row/column of the first entry is changed when writing or reading data records/blocks, all the following can be adjusted automatically
  • S7 variable editor: Struct array can be converted into a large Struct
  • Bugfix: Error when using XLSM without macros fixed
  • Bugfix: Fixed an error in the calculation of the offset of struct arrays with bits
  • General improvements and design changes

  • 3.1.1

    9. November 2021

  • New feature: TimeMaster
  • New trigger condition: PLC time deviates
  • New trigger action: Set PLC time
  • New Feature: REST
  • New trigger action: Execute REST request
  • Convert Excel to PDF Settings extended: Version/Compression/Conformity
  • Tiles can be sorted via drag & drop
  • Tiles can be grouped together
  • The actions of the tiles can already be started in the dashboard via the context menu (right mouse button)
  • General improvements and design changes

  • 3.1.0

    27. September 2021

  • New feature: Databases (MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres)
  • New actions: Write one or more records to a database
  • New actions: Read one or more records from a database
  • New trigger condition: Execute trigger as soon as a new record exists in a database table
  • New condition: Time interval
  • General improvements and design changes

  • 3.0.10

    10. September 2021

  • Performance improvement of S7 communication (Put/Get)
  • General improvements and design changes.

  • 3.0.9

    26. August 2021

  • Import of OPC UA data blocks extended.
  • General improvements and design changes..

  • 3.0.8

    24. August 2021

  • For Excel Block Read and Write individual arrays can be used for the columns/rows.
  • Performance improvement in triggering and executing triggers.
  • General improvements and design changes..

  • 3.0.7

    11. August 2021

  • Automatic file switching when the 'Newest file in folder' option is selected.
  • Handling of Excel file simplified: reading and writing from one file is possible.
  • For CSV files, formatting for date and time formats can be set when writing.
  • Stability improvements in the Windows service.
  • General improvements and design changes..

  • 3.0.6

    30. July 2021

  • Condition - New file in folder: selection of Excel file with the option 'ewest file in folder' as trigger condition facilitated.
  • Invalid characters are automatically replaced with '_' in all file operations (Excel, file options, PDF, HTML).
  • Standard configuration extended with triggers for reading and writing data sets and data blocks.
  • General improvements and design changes

  • 3.0.5

    22. July 2021

  • New file option: Automatically add a number to the file name when copying and moving if the destination file already exists.
  • New block trigger option: Do not output an error if records are not available
  • Automatic formatting of timestamps in the file name of Excel files
  • When writing to the PLC via OPC UA in the Trigger block, default values are now used for empty cells
  • Many small detail improvements

  • 3.0.4

    12. July 2021

  • Bugfix: In the trigger only SPS variables from the first DB could be selected.

  • 3.0.3

    2. July 2021

  • New feature: Create PDF and HTML files
  • New feature: Printing from the PLC via trigger
  • Many detail improvements

  • 3.0.2 – Beta

    17. June 2021

  • New feature: OPC UA
  • New feature: Run external applications
  • Performance optimization for Put/Get communication
  • General improvements

  • 3.0.1 – Beta

    18. May 2021

  • Bugfix: Variables in file name and path of Excel files are now resolved correctly.

  • 3.0.0 – Beta

    3. May 2021

  • Pre-release version for testing the new DataSuite.
  • Import of OPC UA data blocks extended.
  • General improvements and design changes.