Recognise machine downtimes at an early stage

DataSuite 3

Recognise machine downtimes at an early stage

Unexpected production downtimes lead to high sales losses. With the DataSuite3 alarm function, you are informed in good time to reduce downtimes. 

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Well-known companies at home and abroad use DataSuite 3 in the tough everyday industrial environment.

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DataSuite 3

Get the most out of your machine data

Expand your machines and systems with valuable and useful data applications:

Recognising machine downtimes

Avoid excessive downtimes by being informed about error messages from your control unit. 

High temperature alarms

In combination with a temperature measuring device, you can be alerted if your machine’s temperature is too high.

Customised text messages

Configure triggers and text messages individually and choose whether you want to be notified by SMS, email or Telegram.

Download trial software

Test all functions free of charge for 30 days. You will receive a mail with download link for instant use.

Das garantieren wir Ihnen...

Wir bleiben am Ball und stellen regelmäßig kostenlose Updates zum Download zur Verfügung. Gerne nehmen wir auch Ihre Wünsche und Anregungen in unsere Entwicklung auf.

Die DataSuite 2 hat sich bereits im harten Industrieeinsatz bewährt. Die DataSuite 3 legt noch eine Schippe drauf!

Sie benötigen keine weitere Software um unsere DataSuite 3 nutzen zu können, weder WinCC noch Excel. Das spart Geld und Sie bleiben unabhängig.

Unsere Software wird vollständig in Rheinland-Pfalz, im schönen Westerwald, entwickelt und weltweit eingesetzt.

Sie kaufen die Software einmalig und erhalten alle Updates inklusive. Damit ist alles immer kostentransparent.

DualCore CPU, 8 GB RAM, Windows Server oder Windows 10/11.

Sie haben eine Frage? Zögern Sie nicht uns anzurufen oder uns eine Mail zu schreiben. Unser Support hilft Ihnen spätestens am nächsten Tag weiter.

Egal ob Sie sich wegen technischem Support oder einem kaufmännischen Anliegen an uns wenden: Wir pflegen einen respektvollen und fairen Umgang.

Our guarantees

We stay tuned and regularly provide free updates for download. We are also happy to incorporate your wishes and suggestions into our development.

DataSuite 2 has already proven itself in tough industrial use. DataSuite 3 takes it to the next level!

You do not need any additional software to use our DataSuite 3, neither WinCC nor Excel. This saves money and you remain independent.

Our software is completely developed in Rhineland-Palatinate, in the beautiful Westerwald, and used worldwide.

You buy the software once and get all updates included. This means that everything is always cost-transparent.

DualCore CPU, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 & 11, Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019.

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to call us or write us an email. Our support will help you the next day at the latest.

Whether you contact us for technical support or a commercial concern: We are respectful and fair in our dealings with you.

Simply use the downtimes and set-up times already recorded in the machine control system with the DataSuite software. Export statistics and analyses as Excel or PDF documents or save everything in an SQL database. You can display these on a website using the integrated web server.


Thanks to the option of connecting S7 controllers and OPC UA servers, DataSuite3 covers almost all machines and systems.