Retrofitting – Old machines with new possibilities

Retrofitting – Old machines with new possibilities

Retrofitting offers new opportunities for manufacturing companies. The useful life of old but solid machine technology is increased by the introduction of new technologies.

Retrofit alter Anlagen und Maschinen

Advantages of retrofitting

Replacing obsolete components offers immense savings potential compared to purchasing a new system:

  • The investment costs are lower than for a new purchase
  • Longer running times of existing plants
  • Manufacturing processes are interrupted only briefly
  • New possibilities to query machine data
  • Utilization optimization through the newly acquired data
  • The efficiency of existing machines is increased
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Retrofitting refers to the process of improving older or obsolete systems and machines with new components or technologies to increase their functionality and efficiency.

Save resources

The machines retrofitted in this way can work more efficiently – Energy and material consumption is reduced. The yield of the plant can be optimized through the measurement data of the newly installed sensors.

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Visualization - The machine reveals information

Until now, you had to rely on someone knowing what was wrong with the machine. The newly installed sensor system now provides a wide range of measured variables. Thus, performance data can be made visible and evaluated. DataSuite 3 makes it possible to visualize the machine data obtained in this way.


Possibilities of data analysis

Machine data can now be automatically retrieved in real time or at predefined intervals. This data can thus be displayed on a wide variety of end devices. Transfer to various storage formats such as Excel, PDF or a database is also possible without any problems. In this way, new insights can be gained and production increased.

temperature trend excel

Support of older Siemens PLC


The DataSuite 3 offers here also the support of older Siemens PLC like S7-200, 300, 400. Thus, a variety of new possibilities is offered for reading, managing and creating files.

Emails und SMS mit einer Siemens SPS verschicken

Retrofit with the DataSuite 3


The DataSuite 3 offers here also the support of older Siemens PLC like S7-200, 300, 400. Thus, a variety of new possibilities is offered for reading, managing and creating files.



For many older machines it is worth thinking about modernization. If a new acquisition is not economical due to the remaining life of a product – The production shutdowns drag on too long due to the installation of a new plant – Or if the potential of existing plants has not yet been exhausted, then one should alternatively think about a retrofit.

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