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[MB] DataSuite news 01/22: IT security in manufacturing

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We hope you had a few peaceful days and “slipped” well and safely into the new year. Unfortunately, not everyone felt that way. In many companies there was extra work and sometimes very big problems due to the recently discovered security leaks.

How you can avoid such problems and why you are always on the safe side with our DataSuite software, you will find out in this newsletter.

Log4j and DataSuite?

What our developers say

You have probably already read it: The widely used log component Log4j has a security-critical bug that is already being used extensively by many criminals. The IT world is in an uproar because many software manufacturers have integrated this component into their products. We have already been approached by some customers who have affected products in use.


The mastermind behind the DataSuite software, our Senior Software Developer Florian Baldus comments: “We do not use the Log4j library. The DataSuite is not based on Java programming, but on C#. We secure the development with numerous automated and manual tests. Even though human errors, and thus new security vulnerabilities, always remain possible: We have done everything to exclude them as far as possible.” More about the people behind DataSuite


Secured data connection to PLCs

The BSI recommends OPC-UA: Are you using it yet?

Connections to a Siemens S7 PLC* can be encrypted using OPC-UA. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has examined OPC-UA in detail and recommends its use. With our DataSuite, using OPC-UA is a piece of cake.

More about OPC-UA


* All “new” series, such as S7 1500

Simply use encrypted connections with the S7

Encrypted SQL databases

A secure connection of machines and plants via OPC-UA is an important first step. After that, the question arises as to how securely the machine data is stored. Databases are usually used for this purpose. With our DataSuite software, you can configure encrypted connections to SQL databases simply with a click of the mouse. More about SQL databases.

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Because IT security is only half the battle

Handshake and hearbeat

As a companion to encrypted connections, you can monitor every data operation with the integrated handshake and heartbeat mechanism of the DataSuite. If a storage attempt fails, e.g. because a network cable has been interrupted, the PLC is informed immediately. Also possible: The DataSuite sends an email or SMS in the event of a connection interruption. More about handshake

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