Reduce downtime in production

Reduce downtime in production

Machine operators are always asking themselves how they can reduce downtime. After all, there is huge potential here for saving costs and improving employee satisfaction. In this article, we will show you how you can use modern software to reduce your downtime.

Maschinen und Anlagen in Industrie und Produktion
Step 1: Detect problems

Monitoring of machines and equipment

Recognition is at the beginning, the ancient Greeks already knew that. But how can you detect problems of machines and plants? In the first place, the requirement is that the controls (PLC) of your machines offer a data interface. In the best case this is an OPC-UA interface, but instead it can also be a Profinet or even Profibus interface in the case of Siemens S7 controllers.

Secondly, software is needed to collect and evaluate this data. The solution for this: Our DataSuite software can collect your machine data in Excel files or databases. You can find a link to the free trial version at the end of the article.

Evaluate machine data in Excel, databases and PDF documents

Note: We have shown you in this article how you can generate Excel evaluations of your machine data: Write Excel files with a Siemens S7 PLC

Step 2: Report problems

Alerting and notification

Once the machine data has been connected, the error states of the machines can now be defined in the software as so-called “triggers”, i.e. trigger conditions. For example: A machine changes to the operating state “malfunction” and thus triggers a malfunction. This in turn triggers a notification by e-mail or SMS. After that, a service employee receives malfunction information on his smartphone or PC without delay.

DataSuite: The data center for machines and plants
Step 3: Act effectively and efficiently

React quickly and purposefully to malfunctions

So how can you reduce reaction times to faults even further? Not only by reporting a malfunction, but also by sending further important details to the service employee. These can be measured values, error texts directly from the system, or other information that is already available in the machine control system. With our software, you can even pack a diagnostic and error log as a PDF in the attachment of a malfunction e-mail.
Simple configuration of the error message in the DataSuite software

This enables the technician to take the necessary tools and, if required, spare parts directly with him on the first trip to the machine. This saves time, money and nerves.

We answer your questions

In a free video call with our experts on this topic, you can ask questions about your application and get useful background knowledge.

This is how it works:

  1. Click on “Start appointment booking
  2. Select content and date/time
  3. Book appointment

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Think ahead: Monitor many machines

The machinery under control

We recommend a step-by-step approach to eventually connect the entire fleet of machines. Once the first machine has been successfully connected, you should also connect one machine after the other in order to monitor the entire machine park.

Even many machines can be easily connected with the DataSuite software

In summary, even large installations with several dozen machines, or even entire production sites, can be monitored and evaluated in this way. With the specially developed “DataCenter Edition” of the DataSuite, more than 100 machines and systems can be connected.


With the DataSuite software, you can easily monitor your machinery and quickly identify and fix problems. Downtimes can thus be reduced and the OEE is increased.

Download trial software

Test all functions free of charge for 30 days. You will receive a mail with download link for instant use.

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